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Clients' Comments

  • Elenaz Hotel

    Dear Hotelpartner family! Thank you for enabling us to gain experience in a field that we were completely distant from with your support! Thank you for your recommendations positively differentiating Elanaz Hotel from the other hotels in our area!

    Thank you for not only providing consultancy service but also making us feel like a part of your family! Thank you for the service you've provided with utmost care at all times by taking care of even the smallest details throughout the process! Thank you so much for simply teaching hotel management!

  • Lush Hotel & Houses

    Our online channels and reservation management, and service quality efficiency has been improved. Aside from this we made an important progress by increasing daily room price at a rate of 20% with budgeting, monthly action plans, and pricing strategies. With central operation we managed to increase our gain by decreasing outlay of our 3 hotels, which are close to each other.

  • Deriş Bosphorus Lodge

    We think that working with your company has made us meet the deficits in departments such as management, promotion, sales and marketing.

  • Ascot Hotel Büyükada

    Hotel Partner has assisted our projects' growth in a balanced way for the past 3 years. Not only helped us to increase our income but also it made our income resources diversified. The best example of this is their being the leader of constructing a meeting room, which we didn't have.



  • Ascot Hotel Büyükada

    In 2012 income gained through meeting room has increased 4 times compared to last year.

  • Deriş Bosphorus Lodge

    In 2012 rooms' income has increased at rate of 20%.

  • Ascot Hotel Büyükada

    In the 4 years of service online reservations has reached 24% of the total reservations.

  • Lavanda Boutique Hotel

    Company meeting department has been established at Lavanda, and a sales executive has been hired.

  • Patara Prince Hotel & Resorts

    Income of Patara Prince Villas and Apartments increased 50% as a result of sales operation began in December 2012.

  • Elanaz Otel

    Elanaz Hotel's online entegration has been completed, occupancy rate has reached 80% since hotel's opening.

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