What Are We Doing

Changing economical conditions, changing customer demands and preferences and technological developments is obliging the hotels that intend to become prominent in the competition to keep up with these changes.

At present, the hotels continuously have to position themselves in the market, question their rates, activities and decisions and manage all the channels that provide business to the hotel daily.

Accordingly, it is an obligation to evaluate the demand in the best way and managing the hotel opportunities with the right tools and pricing policies. This way, the returns of the investments that need to be consumed and realized daily, time and effort will be gained.

Hotel Partner is supporting the hotels to reach those goals by producing continuous or project based special solutions.

Yield Management

Yield Management

Benefit from income management & maximize the revenue growth of your business with price optimization by foreseeing consumer behavior at micro market level.

The main objective of Hotel Partner's income management service is to offer the most accurate pricing and package to the designated clientele.

By participating in this service, which will play a crucial role in your business's success, you will be able to showcase the value of your business accurately, matching the location specific strategy, service price and availability with perfect positioning.

Otel Açılışı

Hotel Opening

Offering support and assistance during the hotel openings, Hotel Partner can provide the best possible comfort, helping you to make major decisions by assuming responsibility for this process which is very important for your business' future success.

Otel Yönetimi

Hotel Managament Package

Experienced and talented Hotel Partner team offers an international level quality services for all processes.

Hotel Partner will help your business to achieve your goals by being involved in hotels’ operations such as price control, booking & invoicing management.

Otel Durum Analizi

Hotel Situation Analysis

Determine the strength or weakness of your business and operation, reduce the risks by detecting the problems that are likely to be formed indirectly.

Otel Durum Analizi

Pricing Strategies

Hotel Partner helps your business to understand periodic and seasonal changes in the trading habits & dynamic ecommerce technology of the 21st century.

Successful positioning for your business is only possible with the most accurate pricing strategy in the pre-determined segment followed by a deep market analyze of the pre-marketing and post-sales data.

Online Rezervasyon Kanalları

Online Reservation Channels Setup

The proper establishment of online reservation channels and ensuring a smooth reservation experience lies at the core of the short and long term success of your hospitality business.

With the professional and experienced Hotel Partner team, your business is guaranteed to sails on a journey of success.

Online Kanal Yönetimi

Online Reservations Channels Management

Hotel Partner’s proven success & the assitance in administration and management of the online reservation channels will help your hospitality business to achieve goals by increasing your occupancy rate and reaching a higher turnover as a result.

Satış & Pazarlama

Sales & Marketing

To promote your business in the best way possible in the international market & Turkey, Hotel Partner provides an immensive support in order to reach your target audience by capturing quick success in the digital media by observing new developments in the chosen business segment.



Hotel Partner can help your team to shape your business’ technical and functional aspects to reflect your brand qualities and mission in the best possible way by following the proven techniques that holds the key to top customer satisfaction & success in providing hospitality and accommodation services in a superior quality.