Vertical Booking

Vertical Booking


Allows defining various payment methods and/or booking guarantee that can be adjusted independently based on various customer groups, price ranges or hotel stay duration.

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A single system that automatically synchronizes the prices and the room availability on all distribution channels based on predefined rules.

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VerticalBooking system has GDS connectivity (Alesia Distribution) integrated with OK code. This feature is a new generation connection with optimum characteristics.

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Rate Checker, PCP Campaigns, Conversion Analysis Reports, Google Analytics

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Why Vertical Booking?

Most hassle free CRS system used by 44,978 hotels worldwide

Vertical Booking is one of the world’s most powerful CRS systems offering important marketing tools such as Booking Engine, Channel Manager, GDS and many more all at once in a single management panel. Thus, you can oversee the entire marketing management of your hotel from a single location, and minimize the possible error rate. You can manage your hotel easily and in the quickest way possible since all of these solutions are offered in a single product.

Fast and Proactive Support provided by a team experienced in hotel management industry

Warning messages are monitored periodically within the system, and the actions which need to be taken at the right time by the customers are notified. The system prevents errors and guides the user thanks to these warning messages.

A team that is always just a phone call away speaking your language and arranging visits when needed

Our team of experts will offer the products that you need based on the capacity, market, and location of your hotel, and provide information on how to use the system and how to take actions in the next steps. Our flexible and detailed system is capable of serving all facilities from 5-room apart-hotels to 5-star hotel chains. Our assessment and proposal will be based on the needs of your hotel.

We provide technical and revenue growth support by familiarizing ourselves with the sales policies of the hotels and explaining how to utilize the system in the best possible way. As a comprehensive system, VB can be simplified based on your needs. We recommend products which will provide benefits for all hotels based on our area of expertise.

40% annual revenue growth in hotels utilizing Vertical Booking

Vertical Booking allows its customers to instantly view the revenue and all reservations received via the system. Detailed reports with comprehensive statistics are also available. The system shares the year over year revenues of all hotels transparently as well.